Tips to Help Find a Dissertation Idea

The most important part of the process of writing a dissertation is selecting a topic. For the same, you would need to formulate an idea or write on the topic that is of your preference. The topic needs to be original, solvable, and scalable. Of course, you would need to make use of the facts in order to complete your dissertation. However, it does not imply that your dissertation would be complete without a topic. Here is how you can begin by finding a dissertation idea.

Make It Interesting

First, select a topic that is interesting to you. In case you are not enthusiastic about a specific topic, then chances are that you will never be able to finish your dissertation. It would be extremely tough to swallow the fact that you left your doctorate degree course just because you found your dissertation topic disinteresting. What’s more, it would be a crying shame if you decide to not complete your doctorate dissertation just because of this one reason.

Solvable and Scalable Topic

Can you actually solve your dissertation topic? Is the topic too hard to study? Is it too broad? You do not want to eventually discover after 10 years or more that your dissertation topic was too broad for you to be able to complete it on time. It is also possible that someone else, who has chosen the same topic as yours’, has resolved it within a matter of 3 to 4 years. Also, test the topic using research methods to find out whether it is feasible or not.

Be organised

If you are hunting for a good dissertation idea, then you should consider being organised by putting the different dissertation resources in a box file or a folder. This would help you keep your ideas structured and help you throughout the dissertation writing process including while selecting your topic.

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  1. Nice post, many thanks.

    I had an idea, but was not aware if it was feasible or not., but now I am pretty sure of it.


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