Three Key Steps to Improve Essay Writing Style

The education system from a very early age aims to develop the capability of writing essay. Essays are the judge the ability to think independently and organize thought to reproduce a unique piece of knowledge. As you progress in your education, essays become more complex and require additional skills to accomplish. The key to writing a good essay is to build the story as the essay progress and maintain a seamless flow of ideas. This can be achieved only by organizing your thoughts before you write. Here are some tips on how to improve the flow of thoughts in your essay.

Structure the essay

The first step of writing should be read thoroughly about the topic to gather information, collect your ideas and create an outline of the essay. An outline helps you to envision the end product even before you have written it. You can save a lot of rework by reviewing the outline for any alterations.

Draft the essay

The outline is the backbone of your essay. After the outline is ready build your essay around it. Before you write the final essay, make a draft. Ensure that every sentence conveys an idea which is further developed in the paragraph and story progresses the essay progresses.


After the essay is written, read your essay with a critical mind. Silly mistakes and typos spoil the quality of the essay. Thus, check your essay for any errors in spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. You can also ask one of your friends to proofread the essay for you, as your brain will not see the errors created in the process of writing. Getting it proofread will further improve the flow of the essay.

There are no bad readers, there are only week writers. So, follow the above tips and improve your essay writing skill.

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