Know How to write an Ideal Medical Thesis

The basic requirement for writing a medical thesis is to have potential knowledge of how to pen it down using an appropriate structure and with adequate research work. Similar to any other thesis work in other fields, a medical thesis focuses on in-depth research that includes clinical studies, laboratory findings, community medicine or environmental medicine, etc. The concluded results are derived from empirical findings that can be solved through scientific methods as used in the study.

A medical thesis should adhere to the structure that is important to follow. Read to know about it.

The Step-by-step Structure to be followed

Step 1: Your thesis should start with a suitable ‘Title’

Step 2: The title is followed by the title ‘Abstract’

Step 3: Then, write an ‘Introduction’. Maintain concise paragraphs incorporating points related to your thesis title.

Step 4: After you have written the introduction, follow it with the title ‘Methodology and Material’. Under this category follow the format below:

  • Setting

  • Sample

  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria

  • Measurement tools

  • Independent variable

  • Dependent variable

Step 5: This will include ‘Analysis of Data’

Step 6: Include ‘Results’ where you will show the derived results following empirical methods with scientific solutions

Step 7: It is a crucial step, since at this stage of thesis you include ‘Discussion’

Step 8: The next heading is ‘Limitations’

Step 9: In the end of your thesis, include ‘References’ at this step

Step 10: Your final part of the thesis is backed and supported by ‘Tables and Graphs’

The quality of your thesis is best determined by the topic you choose, whether you opt for a purely scientific experiment or a clinical trial or a social research study addressing experiences of patients, etc. Most importantly, talk to your mentor who will help you with good writing style of thesis and seek advices at every stage so that your study is of professional standard. The study should be carried out in compliance with legal regulations and should also be ethical to be considered as an ideal medical proposal.

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  1. Really helpful words for thesis preparation.

    I have one query:

    My thesis involves analysis of the patient profiles, but the data is very huge. My guide says to use some statistical analysis softwares. I read regarding same, but unable to grasp on the tests to be applied. Can someone help me with this?

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