Medical Journal Paper Writing

Medical journal paper is one of the most complex procedure as it involves a lot of technical jargon and scientific terms. There are so many procedures and process to follow, and you must be thinking of ways and means to get this all done. We are here to guide you through all the process you need during your research and aid you with the writing. The process is not as easy as it looks, there so many rules to follow.

During the process you have to make sure the information you gather is useful for you, so for this, you really need to do a research work. It’s only through research that you can get good information and reliable ones, so take time and be patient during your research journey. Look for a topic that interest you the most, something you are comfortable to write. But while you search make sure that it is unique, and look out if it’s been researched before. Think of the outcome of this work, and make sure you have studied that field.

The next thing that pops in your head is the questions of “How to write?” “What to write?”

“Where to submit”. The answer to all your questions is on the internet. They can all be resolved by a certain format, and the kind of audience you target. Your information and writing style will alter if you target specialists and/or multidisciplinary researchers.

Now comes the writing phase, and this where you adopt throughout the research writing process, IMRAD and TAKAR. It gives you the process on how to start your writing wherein IMRAD begins with discussion, introduction, methods and results. This structure has been use since 5 for development in scientific publication. As for TAKAR, it structures with References, Title, Abstract, Keywords, Acknowledgments.

There are few tips to facilitate the task of Medical Journal Paper Writing:


  • Correctly represent content
  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Informative
  • Contain Keywords
  • Grabs attention of the reader


  • Author’s Full name
  • Designation
  • Degree
  • Affiliation
  • Email address


  • Indicative
  • Informative
  • Structured


  • For medical journal paper, use commonly established terms and abbreviations like DNA.


  • Role of an Introduction chapter


  • The prominent elements of the Methods chapter

Last but not the least make sure not to repeat your work, or concluded research st give a clear message and understanding to the readers. Confront ad convince the readers that you are good and even better than any other researcher.

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  1. Is the medical journal paper different from other journal papers? Although the structure and chapter information is similar.

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