What Makes a Quality Dissertation?

If the research works across the world on several academic domains are visualized, then it can be experienced that most of the dissertations produced by the academic institutions across the world are not of the same quality, as some of them are really poor in terms of rigor put forth in the study, explanation of details, clarity in conclusive remarks, and overall structuring. It is not that those institutions are poor in terms of providing quality education and guidance. In spite of that, there are some other factors, which should be considered, while making a quality dissertation. Only carrying out a research work is not enough to produce a quality dissertation. Unless that entire work is documented in a properly presentable format, the work can never obtain its deserved significance.

Any quality research work in the form of a dissertation should start with a clear objective of the study, i.e. why the study is needed to be undertaken. Based on the research works being carried out by other researchers, significance of the intended study has to be established in the form of clear and visible research gap(s). Nature and objective of the study should decide upon the type of research methodology and statistical tools to be applied and the nature of data to be collected. After giving a detailed description of these aspects, analysis of the data should be presented in the most detailed manner possible, as a detailed analysis can bring forth significant insights out of that particular dataset. While describing the analysis, the results should be related to the existing body of knowledge, so that relevance of those results can be understood easily. Finally, implication(s) of the study has to be stated considering academic and real world scenario. For more information about various aspects of a quality dissertation, kindly browse through the pages of www.medicaldissertations.com.

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