Tips on writing a manuscript for medical research

Writing a manuscript is a crucial step before you submit your research for publication to any journal. The manuscript is important since it decides the fate of your paper. If you want to get published, it is vital to write a strong and effective manuscript that will get you the green signal for publication. Here are a few useful tips for successfully writing a manuscript:

Find some time to think – Thinking will help you clear your thoughts. Before you begin writing, think about the concept, the audience, the language and the journal publication who might be interested in publishing your work.

Find the time to write – Schedule some time on a daily basis to write your manuscript. Keep in mind the AIMRAD format – this will help you write in a structured manner: abstract, introduction, method, results and discussion. You can also consult a writing buddy or a professional writer to help you write the medical journal manuscript since it involves technicalities.

Prepare a case report – For medical trainees and clinical researchers, this is important since your case study determines the nature of your paper and it is the deciding factor in many cases.

Selecting the medical journal – It is important to finalise the journal where you would submit your manuscript so that you can alter it according to the requirement of the journal.

Submitting your manuscript – Once you have completed the manuscript, you must send it to the respective journal publication within the deadline.

Dealing with the review – You must pay careful attention to the review from the journal. It will have a lot of useful tips on improving your manuscript that will help enhance its quality.

If you are uncertain about the quality of your manuscript and need some expert advice, you can always consult professionals who will assist you in the writing and editing process and give you a better output at affordable costs.

Good luck!

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