Public Engagement Benefits for Scientific Scholars

First of all, let’s comprehend the meaning of public engagement. To begin with, it is a strategic approach to increasing the outreach of research and for Medical Science scholars, specifically, public engagement is very significant. Keeping that in mind, universities do organize workshops, science festivals and public talks. But how does it actually benefit the scholars?

Science is ever evolving, there are always innovations and developments to talk about. The reports are also there all around us. On the internet, in the newspaper and everywhere. But despite that the understanding of the concepts of science among the general public is relatively little. For the purpose of involving the common public with scientific decision making, there has to be the awareness and understanding of the scientific pros and cons. Most of the times, the public means of communication such as the newspaper and magazines are confusing and further complicate the mind of the general citizen , instead of being enlightening. The scientific researchers, surely have the extra responsibility to enlighten the common man about the facts of the scientific laboratory progress. The benefits are dual, when we involve the general public with developments, the enthusiasts do get encouraged to join the troop of the researchers and also the most innovation ideas may come from the most unexpected of places.

If you are a Ph.D. in Science or a Science Scholar, you can think of arranging and organizing a lot of public engagement initiatives if you feel there is a short fall in your university or community. There are a lot of universities these days having some truly out of the box ideas that are entertaining and informative at the same time, attracting the public to be participative. Somewhere you may see science talks getting delivered in a pub, which would certainly interest the audiences to ensure their presence. The topic usually in overarching, which explains the group about what new developments are on in the lab and also allow the audience to come out with questions. Sometimes, to break the monotony and maintain the interest, there could be fillers of games, quizzes, and demonstrations as well. You will be astonished to get the type of curiosity and response the people would exhibit.

As a Ph.D. scholar, you must ensure to experience and organize such public engagement initiatives because as long as you don’t bring out your research in the open, it won’t benefit you or the general public.

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