What is DeepDyve and How Does it Help Medical Scholar

For the newbies in the field of medical research, dissertation is definitely a nightmare as they hardly have any prior experience in writing an academic document of more than 25 pages.  A medical dissertation is a result of extensive research and candidates have to go through a pile of published work, be it any research paper, journals and dissertation, and that makes the job cumbersome. But such resources may or may not be handily available to use. But worry not, DeepDyve has got your back.

What is DeepDyve?

A single place to discover and read the research matter, DeepDyve is a personal library. It is an ocean of scholarly journal and provides an online search platform where researchers can browse and read articles. The DeepDyve database is much focused on Medical and Life Science content. DeepDyve let research candidates to enjoy unlimited access and personalized recommendation from over 13 million articles from more than 11000+ peer-reviewed journals.

How DeepDyve Helps Medical Scholar:

  1. Unlimited Reading:
    If you are a medical research candidate, I assure that you must require a bundle of previously published research to go through to gain knowledge in your respective research field. DeepDyve is your friend in need. As most of the content on DeepDyve is related to Medical and Life Science, it is a boon for the medical candidates to browse and discover among unlimited articles. Read as many articles as you need. It allows you and other research candidates to read full original layout, charts and figures.
  2. Stay up to Date:
    DeepDype is a great source of medical knowledge and helps you stay updated with the trends in your respective research field. It comforts you in keeping up with your research field and offers personalized recommendations. DeepDyve provides features to follow journals to get automatic updates.
  3. Organize your Research:
    DeepDyve offers some amazing built in tools such as reference manager, bibliographic information and many others, which help in organizing the research.
  4. Simple and affordable pricing:
    Creating a basic account on DeepDyve is free, but you must provide credit card information during the registration process. Besides the free account plan, you can also sign up for monthly and annual plan. For same, the details are as:
Account Type Articles Per Month Viewing Period
Bronze Account 3 Articles 7 days per article
Silver Account 10 Articles 7 days per article
Gold Account 25 Articles Unlimited Viewing

Besides article rental, each plan also includes:

  • Bookmarks to save your favorite article
  • Article suggestion based on interest you provide at signup, you can also change it later
  • History of each article
  • RSS Alerts or E-mails

How to Use:

 As a user you can browse articles or content of DeepDyve through an alphabetical list of subject area, journal titles and publishers. You can also search through a form by filling words, phrase, sentence or paragraph- long queries. The search option also let users to select filters, including search author, title, date, journal title and document type.

In the search list, you can either view results from DeepDyve or the web result. You can also filter the search list by article access. The search list provides basic information about each article such as bibliographic information, cost of each article and ‘more like’ option.

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