Tips to Write and Publish Your Medical Research Paper

The objective of a medical journal is to shed light and communicate innovative ideas in the field. A famous physicist Faraday said that you must work, finish and publish your research papers in the medical field. If you started writing but did not finish, there is no point of starting at all. If you finished but did not publish, it is again pointless to even start.

Writing a medical research paper can be a challenging task. You must have something to say that is worth writing and it should be new information that has not been published yet. While writing your paper, you must use reliable sources, have an organised style of writing and offer a compelling argument. While writing medical papers, you must use the American Medical Association Style guide and format and document your paper accordingly.

Steps to writing an effective research paper:

1. Decide the topic – If you are going to publish a paper, you need a strong and striking topic that will make an interesting read and add value to the subject.

2. Determine the kind of paper you want to write – The kind of research you conduct will affect the format and the type of your paper. You can opt for quantitative studies where an original research needs to be conducted with a hypothesis or go for synthesis paper where you review existing study material

3. Complete the research – Use credible medical sources to get valuable information for your study. Look at articles, books, journals and websites for quality research material.

4. Writing the paper – Once you have collected all the data, get started with the writing without any procrastination.

5. Cite sources using the AMA style – This is an important step in medical papers and must be done correctly if you want to get published.

6. Edit the paper – Once you have completed the writing part, start editing your paper by looking for spelling and grammar errors, formatting, sentence formations, etc.

Use original and value-based content to increase your chances of getting published in the medical journal.

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