Present your findings in a proper manner to ace your dissertation

Many students focus too much on the content in the dissertations and ignore the presentation of the data collected from primary and secondary research. Presentation is an important element of a dissertation because it helps the reader to understand your analysis of data better. Many students use Microsoft Word to type their dissertations, which has a number of tools for formatting and presentation of data. One can present the data in charts, graphs, and tables. No one likes looking at random numbers; so, instead of throwing a list of numbers at the reader, make sense of the data and understand the correlation between various factors.

After presenting your data and findings, it is important to describe the data to your audience and state its implications. Convey to the reader as to how the data that you have collected is different from what other scholars and renowned researchers have published. If there are any anomalies in your findings, make a special mention of them so that the reader understands why there was a deviation in the data set.

Findings are not limited to the data collected from primary research; they include data collected from secondary research too. So, reviewed literature also comes under your findings. In your dissertation, you should not just summarise ideas of other scholars and researchers but conduct an in-depth analysis.

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