Medical Scholar Life and Challenges of Completing Dissertation

Getting a medical PhD degree is one of the greatest honors which you can receive in your journey of academic progress. But very few candidates are actually able to get this owner. A reason for it the challenges which you need to face to achieve such a rank. Additionally, you need to devote significant amount of time to remain focused towards your research, pass various comprehensive exams and fulfill publication requirements as well.

Medical scholar life can be highly unpredictable and the trip may involve various uncertainties. Right from choosing your dissertation topic and preparing the literature review to searching for information and ideas and compiling the dissertation results, everything can be quite challenging. If you believe that the 4 to 5 years or even more which you will have to devote towards your research scholar life will be easy, you will be in for a surprise.

During your medical scholar life, all the time you need to prepare yourself for the challenges which you are going to face today. Even though your mentor will be there to guide you, but you yourself will need to pave the road of success! Let us discuss some of the challenges which you will face during your medical scholar life and challenges while completing dissertation.

Confusion about Topic
Choosing your research topic can be quite challenging! You will require selecting a topic which is not only relevant, but interests you as well. Your guide may suggest you some topics, but it ultimately in your hand to select a topic which you are passionate about and which is not too ambitious.

Hard to please mentor
Do not always believe that you will get a mentor that is soft spoken, helpful and friendly. You may even get allocated a mentor that may always try to prove you wrong, may disrespect you or may be extremely hard to please. If you believe that you are not getting along with your mentor well, you need to immediately talk to the concerned committee members!

Difficulty in Dissertation Writing
It is a common challenge faced by hundreds of medical research scholars. Even though you may have collected all the relevant materials related to your research, you may be overwhelmed during dissertation writing. You may not know the right process of dissertation writing or the rules to adhere to. There is no need to worry! You can always take external help.

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  1. Strongly agreed with the mentor issues. It has been witnessed in all these years that the supervisor-supervisee relationship is the main reason behind a great drop in doctoral and masters programmes.

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