Getting Your Article Published in an Academic Journal

Writing for a journal that is academic in nature can be highly competitive. Even if you get the materials needed for the paper, your next hurdle would be summing it up so carefully that your readers do not lose interest in it. Here is how to get published in an academic journal without too many hassles.

Don’t Bury Your Argument

If somebody asked you to quickly explain your paper or in brief, would you be able to do so? The argument should be as clear as crystal and not like a needle in a haystack. The journal editors would possibly get annoyed if your  article is not clear. Make sure your argument does not sound incorrect and that the loose ends are tied by the end of the paper. In order to achieve this, you may need to try and seal the gaps in the knowledge in your research paper.

Don’t Edit and Write at the Same Time

Open a new file on your computer and insert all your headings and subheadings and then fill in any other ideas you have under them. If you reach your daily target, then you should stop writing till the very next day. In case you are writing and are unable to find the right word for whatever it is you are trying to express, then you could always come back later and fill it in.

Ask a Colleague to Check Your Work

 Articles that are written badly are one of the problems that editors of journals face. It is possible that the writer’s first language is not English. It is also possible that the writer may not have proofread his or her paper. It can be tough to understand what has been written or what the author is trying to  convey in case the language and the grammar are poor.

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