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Chinese Medicinal Plants Vs Indian Ayurveda

Indian Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine and Chinese medicinal plants, the traditional Chinese medicines are considered as the most ancient but prevailing traditions. Over the years, there has been a significant increase in the global interest in conventional medicines. Various health experts, scientists and medicinal experts are making varied efforts for monitoring and regulating traditional … Continue reading Chinese Medicinal Plants Vs Indian Ayurveda

Know How to write an Ideal Medical Thesis

The basic requirement for writing a medical thesis is to have potential knowledge of how to pen it down using an appropriate structure and with adequate research work. Similar to any other thesis work in other fields, a medical thesis focuses on in-depth research that includes clinical studies, laboratory findings, community medicine or environmental medicine, etc. The concluded results are derived from empirical findings that can be solved through scientific methods as used in the study.

Tips to Write and Publish Your Medical Research Paper

The objective of a medical journal is to shed light and communicate innovative ideas in the field. A famous physicist Faraday said that you must work, finish and publish your research papers in the medical field. If you started writing but did not finish, there is no point of starting at all. If you finished … Continue reading Tips to Write and Publish Your Medical Research Paper